Limits on webhooks


I would like to send emails when a task is commented on and is finished.
What is the proper way to start?
Is it okay to create a webhook per task? is there a limit?

Thank you very much!


You will need to create webhook per project that the task belongs. You are not able to create a webhook for a task.

You will get notifications when a task added or updated (you can filter events by task update and then check if the task is completed or has a story that is a comment)


Hi Diakoptis,

Thank you so much, so, all the events in one project are sent to the webhook?
Not just the specific event?

Yes. You are not able to specify what events Asana will post you. If a project changed (change of the project, change of tasks and subtask of this project) you will get an event.

Keep in mind that events are really noisy. For example if a task added in a project you will get the following events:

STORY ADDED (added to project)
STORY REMOVED (the existing “added to project”)
STORY ADDED (new - added to project).

I think that you need to group the events by task and make one request for this task to get the completed field and the stories. If completed is true or there is a new comment at the task stories you can send your email :slight_smile:

@carolina i was wrong on that.

As @Benjamin_Ragan informed me, you are able to create a webhook specific for a task.

Tha documentation at post a webhook is mention it also.

Cc (@Joe_Trollo creating a webhook for a task was available from the beginning? I think that I’m getting old :scream: )

Super, Thank you so much!!

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