Is there a way to set default search settings? "Completed" tasks showing up in default search is frustrating

Is there a way to set in my profile somewhere that the default search setting is to look for incomplete tasks only?

Probably half of our Asana usage is tasks that are basically “Stickies” that contain reference material, such as contact points for vendors, etc.

I know I can toggle the search filter to “incomplete” tasks but I’d rather set this as the default method.

Hi Matt and thanks for your question :wave:

As far as I know, you cannot set up the default search behavior, however you could create an advanced search with your criteria (incomplete task only) and save that search in your “Starred” section.

This is what I mean: (4)

Remark: you will still have 2 clicks to make:

  • one to launch the search
  • and update the filter with your search term

Hope that helps, slightly :wink:

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