Is there a way to delete the comment "X created this task"?

I understand why there is a comment about when the task was created in order to track previous activity. However, in my limited screen space, the comment that “Emily created this task” takes up a significant amount of space and I want to be able to read my comments without scrolling down. I tend to use comments instead of the description because on my list view, I can see that there’s more information (i.e. a comment) that I can’t see if I just use the description. Any workarounds for this?

Is there a way to display more information than just the title of the task in list or board view?

Thank you!

Hi @Emily_Tacoma ,

Regarding your second question, yes, you can display metadata in the list view by clicking on the ‘Hide’ button along the top, next to ‘Filter’ and ‘Sort’ and enable fields such as these:

Regarding your first question, no, you cannot remove the automated comment of who created the task. I’m not sure what you mean exactly regarding screen space, perhaps a screenshot would help.
But using comments is best practice - the description should be used for only additional context/details for the task.