Create New Task from text in Descriptions or Comments

I would love for it to be possible to create new tasks by highlighting and right-clicking text in a description or comment. When my team meets about a given task, we frequently put the meeting notes in the description field. When we generate a new action item, it would be great to avoid having to re-type the information we’ve just noted down.

Hi @Erica_Lloyd

I just create subtasks within the note, then drag that subtask out to become a parent task.

  1. Create list items in description
  2. When there is a pause in the meeting, copy each list item into a subtask, assigned, and set a due date
  3. after the meeting I either a) multi-home that subby with a new project or drag it out to be a parent task.

Very easy and quick.


Welcome @Erica_Lloyd!
I agree that this would be an excellent feature and added my vote. It’s already possible in the project brief so hopefully this is coming to other places. Until then I think @Getz_Pro’s suggestions are a good way to do the meeting notes.