Create New Task from text in Descriptions or Comments

I would love for it to be possible to create new tasks by highlighting and right-clicking text in a description or comment. When my team meets about a given task, we frequently put the meeting notes in the description field. When we generate a new action item, it would be great to avoid having to re-type the information we’ve just noted down.

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Hi @Erica_Lloyd

I just create subtasks within the note, then drag that subtask out to become a parent task.

  1. Create list items in description
  2. When there is a pause in the meeting, copy each list item into a subtask, assigned, and set a due date
  3. after the meeting I either a) multi-home that subby with a new project or drag it out to be a parent task.

Very easy and quick.


Welcome @Erica_Lloyd!
I agree that this would be an excellent feature and added my vote. It’s already possible in the project brief so hopefully this is coming to other places. Until then I think @Getz_Pro’s suggestions are a good way to do the meeting notes.

Yes! Been researching Notion. Evernote, etc for something like this! The way it works for Asana Project Briefs are amost perfect, just needs a few changes:

  1. The capability to mark text and convert to ask, should be available in all editors, e.g. tasks descriptions, messages, etc.
  2. When creating a task from a brief/description/message/etc. the new task should include a reference link, straight back to the original source, i.e. like an anchor on the pag
  3. Asana really should create a notes feature for all projects, which worked like project briefs, but with the ability to create unlimited notes for a project
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I vouch for this feature and provide another use case:

I have tried using the description field sistematically to track what happened e.g. in tasks like “make a phone call to Tom asking about X”. This way, I could keep a history of what happened while executing the task, and it’s very convenient as the description field is included when printing a list so I could easily (through search) get a detailed weekly list of everything that happened with the comments, like a diary.
I think it would be a great feature to be able to create tasks directly from the note field. In the use case above, often there are follow up tasks like “send updated presentation” that would be convenient to keep in the description and also as a stand-alone task.