Is it safe to create two rules that might loop each other?

I have a custom rule set such that:

Task is Custom Field is set to X Value------ Task is moved to X Section.

I would also like to write another rule that does the exact same thing, except in “reverse”.,

Task is moved to X Section------ Custom Field is set to X value.

In this case, the Custom Field value and Section are the same.

Since we have a mix of mobile app users and desktop users, some of them find it easier to drag and drop a task to a section than it is to change a Custom Field (single select pick box). Others find the pick box easier. Either way, I need to make sure that ANY task in Section X also has custom field set to value X. (side note, One of the nice uses of this is that it allows us to see on Calendar view what section a task is in, because you can set the custom field pick box value to have a color code.)

Is it safe to set two rules that do this, or will they start triggering each other infinitely?

It is definitely safe.

But I have a better approach. Create a rule with 2 triggers (CF is set to, task is moved to section), choose the “when any…” and then add the two actions.

This way a single rule will actually cover your 2 use cases.

Pretty cool right?


I hadn’t noticed the ability to do that, so I just made that change. Fantastic help, thank you!

That’s an amazing trick isn’t it? :heart:

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