Is it possible to merge duplicate fields?

Users in my organization are utilizing two different fields to track the same information (Priority). One is the Asana-created Priority field and the other a user-created custom field with the same options. Is there away to merge these fields and retain the priority assignments in the affected tasks?

Thanks! (and sorry if this was answered somewhere else, I couldn’t find a related discussion when I searched).


Hi @Gretchen_Hooker
as far as i know, there is no option to “merge” them, but there are some other options if your goal is to display priority, which been named differently as you mentioned.

for Example: creating a portfolio and adding all projects you need to it, then in the list view you can add all projects fields you want to show. .

option two: Changing the field globally to be unified in all projects. There is a thread here about this

I found a similar question about merging tags with almost the same idea here too. i hope this could clarify it a little

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Thanks @Mohamed_Saleh,
My concern for the situation was that if we ran a search or report on “high” priority tasks, some would get missed if there were two different fields in use to track this info. I would like to delete the user-created "priority’ field and just use the Asana-created one for all tasks. I can see that there is a way to delete the user-created field, but that would remove that fields info from all the affected tasks, right? (there is not way to automate reassigning them a status from the asana-created field).

The work flow described in the thread about merging tags makes sense (if a bit tedious). Do you expect this would work for fields also?

Thank you again!

Hi @Gretchen_Hooker yes you can remove user-created fields, and it will be removed from all affected tasks ad projects. If you decided to create another one, you will be asked if you want to add it to Asana field library.

Asana still cannot reassign task status form tag to another. This step still have to be made manually.

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You can use my tool to find all the projects using the user generated field.

If I may, I believe the Asana priority field is not that great, too many colors, and I would suggest removing the “medium” priority and just leave it blank. So consider using the user field instead :slight_smile:

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cf 👻 Medium and Low priorities are usually an illusion

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