Is it possible to make one project dependent on another? (Or generally nesting projects)

Hi everyone,
I’m a software developer, and I’m working on a personal project. I’m very passionate about it, but it’s particularly difficult to organize (for me) because the issues are very granular, deeply nested within one another, and visualizing the dependencies would probably result in an image of a spaghetti dish.

In Asana terms, I need a way to make one project dependent on another, or a subtask dependent on a task in a different project.
As a result, I’m not sure the project > section > task > subtask division is cutting it for me.

Is there something I’m missing? A feature, a technique etc?

The complexity of the project is mostly because I’m building the features of one programming language, into another.
Imagine you’re building a new simple language based on English.
You’d want to be able to say a sentence. Let’s say that for that, you’d need to have a noun, verb and an adjective.
But adjectives modify nouns; so you’d need to make sure your nouns are tight before you’re able to complete your adjectives.
But how do you make sure that your nouns are good?
Fortunately, the English languages have many official tests that you could use for your own language; a bunch of them for nouns, for verbs and all other parts of speech. Your put your noun through a test, and it tells you whether it’s working or not.
The many noun tests are divided to 3 sections: testing basic features, testing the dynamic with verbs, and testing nouns within full sentences. You’d naturally want an Asana section for each, with individual tests as tasks.
(Btw, this 100% describes my situation, nothing is made up).

Can you see where I’m going?
Any thoughts are appreciated!


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Wow I read your message three times and still could not wrap my head around it. Maybe the fourth time will be the one =)

You can definitively do this in Asana.

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From what I’m gathering I think task dependency is not ideal, but definitely your best shot! As @Phil_Seeman mentioned you can definitely have a task dependent of a subtask within another project (check out this post to find out how).

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Can projects be dependent on other projects, as a whole?


Yes, but only if represent the project as a task (or subtask). See my reply on another thread:


Thank you for trying to help and find a solution. However, I would like my projects to be presented as projects (more comfortable for navigation and order) AND to be dependent on each other.


You can achieve that by both representing your project as a regular project and, as well, as a task, say at the bottom of that project.

It sounds like that’s not what you’re looking for so I recommend you add a request here in the Product Feedback category and vote on it.

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Thanks, I’ll add a request!

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