Is it possible to initiate an ad hoc action from a task?

For example, I’d like the user to be able to sync up an individual task to an item in my app.

With the functionality of my app, it doesn’t make sense for this to sync for every task, so I don’t want to hook into all newly created tasks.

Hi @LarryH and welcome to the community!

At the moment there is no supported way to hook into the Asana UI (you can, and some have, written Chrome extensions to do that, but it’s not supported and might break depending on changes Asana makes to their UI).

What you can do is set up a webhook to receive notifications of task creations, and then query relevant properties of the task when you get notified about it, and decide based on those properties whether your app should take some action or not. You can also set filtered webhooks so as to only get notified about a subset of data, so you might be able to take advantage of filtering to reduce the number of webhook events you receive.