Tasks as single source of truth in a custom integration

Hey everyone! What a thriving community.

I’m from #agtech and we’re assigning hands-on-farm tasks to our employees with Asana.

Currently, a js script creates the tasks and links them back to our internal resources (link to our internal app is put in the description box of the task). Pretty rough proof of concept.

And the workflow is having the employee to arrange their own schedule using the calendar view, perform the task (via attached link), our app then checks the task off once it’s done.

Is there a way to integrate asana in a way so that when a task is created via Asana’s app, it calls an endpoint in our system?

Is there a way to webhook-subscribe to task’s changes of start_at, due_on fields ?

Is there a way to create a workload balancer based on location ? Our employees are in different locations and the tasks are hands-on different fields. So that tasks which are closest to the employee get assigned ?


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Hi @Timothy_Fosteman,

This sounds like an awesome use of Asana!

Absolutely! Asana’s webhooks will let you receive an event when a new Asana task is created. You’ll need to subscribe on a per-project basis to receive webhooks for tasks in that project.

Yes - webhooks will also send you changes. Also, they have a filter capability so you can only get events for certain fields as you describe.

There’s nothing built into Asana for this; you’d need to write it in your own code, but you could certainly do that.

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