Is it possible to hide the Task completion chart from the Dashboard?

My team recently started to get into using Dashboards, which is excellent, but one of the questions I’ve received is whether it’s possible to hide/remove the “Task completion over” chart–the burndown, basically. Most of the other pre-built charts give you the option to “Remove chart”, but this one does not. Is there some reasoning behind forcing this one to display that I can pass along to my team, or some other method we could use to hide it on a select few projects?

In most projects, it is useful, but this request was coming from our sales team, who is tasks to track individual trial sign-ups, etc.; task completion is irrelevant in this scenario since those tasks are never “completed” per se…

Hi @Sassafras,

Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback! Currently, while you can customise some charts in Dashboards, it is not possible to remove the “Task completion over” chart.

Hopefully this is something we can implement for Dashboards in the future! :slight_smile:

The project dashboard comes loaded with a bunch of charts and numbers which are really helpful in discovering how this feature works. I am able to delete all but one of the default views. “Task completion over time” cannot be removed.

My project is a marketing spend tracker and task completion isn’t important for the team at all. I am building out charts to breakdown spending by month and by category, and this required chart adds unimportant information which only clutters up the view. It would be great if I could delete that and then have an option to add it back from the Add chart button. Thanks

Thanks for providing this feedback, @Anthony_Tamalonis!

We have an existing thread for this request in the Forum so I’ve gone ahead and merged the posts to consolidate feedback, I hope you don’t mind! :slight_smile:

If our Product team make any changes to this, I’ll keep you in the loop!

Thanks @Rebecca_McGrath , I tried doing a search for “project dashboard delete” and missed this request to hide!

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