Is it possible to have conditional assignments based on drop down answers in a form?

I have created a customer feedback form that has three categories of feedback - events, maintenance, and billing. Is it possible to create rules that say: “if the category field is Events,” then move to this section and assign to this person; if the category field is Maintenance, then move to the maintenance section and assign to a different person; if the category field is billing, then move to the billing section and assign to a third person?

Hi @Damon_Hemmerdinger :wave:t3:

If the “Feedback category” question of your form maps out to a drop-down custom field in your Asana project, you could use a rule to assign tasks based on the value of this custom field so:

“Feedback category” custom field = Events -> Assign to person A
“Feedback category” custom field = Maintenance -> Assign to person B
“Feedback category” custom field = Billing -> Assign to person C

Hope this helps!