is it possible to get portfolio and project in asana API?

I can able to get the projects list and portfolio list separately from asana API. I need data that has a relationship between those (projects & portfolios ).

Is there any API available in Asana to this relationship data?

Hi @Aravindraja,

This is the endpoint to get a list of the projects in a portfolio:

If you’re asking if one can get a list of all portfolios and all projects in all of those portfolios in one API call, no, there’s no endpoint for that.


Hi @Phil_Seeman,

we are not looking for an API to get all portfolios and all projects.

We are using API to fetch the individual project details. we need portfolio information in this response. like project id and portfolio id in the same response.

I hope you understand my requirement! please suggest any API endpoints to get these details.


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Info on what portfolios a project belongs to isn’t available from any of the project-based endpoints. You’ll have to use a portfolio endpoint to get the projects contained in that portfolio.

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