Please help getting all data of a project via a single api


I am trying to get all the data from a project via a single API.
here is what i have currently :{ProjectID}?opt_fields=name,
it will give name of project and the sections

That is all good except i am trying next to get tasks{ProjectID}?opt_fields=name,, tasks

It returns nothing different from the first API.

How do i now get tasks, all custom fields (multi options) for each task, then the stories for each task in 1 api call?

else what are the apis to get the data in order to match in a program if absolutely have to

Alternatively - is there a way to get all the tasks of a project, will all the attributes in order like, what section the task is under, then the custom_fields of that task, then the stories

all in order as the data is scattered
Current start point -

You can’t get below together, you have to make separate calls:

  • tasks
  • stories

If you ask for the right opt_fields on tasks, you can get information about the parent project without calling a specific endpoint.

However if you want the details of the sections you’ll have to query it separately I believe.

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Thank you, i understand.
Then i will create 3 different api and a program to ETL data.

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