Is it possible to assign hours per week to a task?

Hello, I’m looking to use Asana for resource allocation of a fairly large team. Ideally, I’d be able to have at least 4 roles for each project, and assign hours per week for the duration of the project rather than assigning hours and having this split across the length of the task. Projects are fairly linear and so individual tasks are less important here, I’m mainly interested in the workload tool.

I was thinking of having 4 tasks for the entirety of the project and assigning a person to each, but is it possible to then have the hours for each task depend on the duration of the task?

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Asana does not really work that way (having a single task for the entire project). Unless you assign it the number of hours you need, knowing that Asana will spread this evenly on all days in Workload.

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I think you would have to utilize a 3rd party hour tracking app like Everhour to accomplish something close to what you’re looking for.

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