Can project lasting multiple days be split up?

Our organization is attempting to use Asana to schedule multiple projects & tasks across a team, as well as provide insight on when new projects can be commenced. Generally, it lets us keep track of resource capacity and an eye on upcoming projects with clients (kick-off meetings, etc.). However, is there a way to split up a task that last multiple days without having to create multiple tasks?

As an example, Task 1 lasts 10 hrs (custom field) which Asana will split equally into 2 days (we can live with this) - 5 hrs each. However, what if we want to have the first day of 5 hrs be worked on a Monday, and the second day of 5 hrs be worked on a Thursday? Is there a way to accomplish this within Asana or an add-on tool?


There is no way I know to do this, especially if you want to use the Workload feature or reporting. You could always have several custom fields to track “slices” of work, but you won’t be able to get Workload to look at all those fields or build reports…

When this comes up with my clients, one of the solution is to use the description to detail when people worked, while keeping the sum in a single field.

I hope this helps.