Help me determine the best way to setup my Asana Projects

Brief description of my business.
I am a real estate appraiser. There are many different ways appraisal companies can operate. Currently I am re-structuring from a solo to a team based with assistants. So there is a steady stream of new “projects” each taking between a total of 4 to 10 hours in total over one to several days or weeks. They can be broken down into about 15 sub tasks that can be completed usually by one, two or three team members assigned based on abilities. Most tasks have dependencies within each project ie. the appointment must be booked before the site visit can be completed, etc. I can fairly accurately estimate the time each of the tasks will take and that there is a lot of consistency between project types so I have started using templates for each project which works great. The areas I am struggling with learning if Asana is capable or if I am needing to add on additional interface are resource management (mainly team members time) and how to prioritize projects among each other. So my team can pick tasks or I can assign based on the member capability, availability and task priority. I can often have 5 to 10 projects in a pipeline with varied priority dates. I also need to keep the interface with Asana reasonable. I can’t see assigning a start and due date for each of the 15 tasks for each of the 5 to 10 projects but I have tried assigning start and end dates for milestones with dependencies for everything else in between and I haven’t found where Asana is helping me determine critical workload issues. Maybe I need to keep playing with it. In summary just hoping to hear some feedback to anyone with similar workflows sharing their experience and maybe I’ll learn some tips. I don’t want to overcomplicate as these are time sensitive tight $ margin projects but I see potential for improving quality of work, improving turn around times and accurate completion estimates.

Hi @Paul_Rayburn, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

I suggest taking a look at some of the productivity integrations available with Asana. You might find some of these helpful :arrow_down:

You can add integrations that track time, prioritize tasks and more! :slight_smile:

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