iOS iPhone app layout changes frequently bottom menu buttons

I love Asana. It is 1000x more useful than Google Tasks. I use it on iMac Safari latest version and iPhone latest iOS.

A problem I am having is that the iOS iPhone app layout changes frequently, sometimes multiple times per day. Particularly, the bottom menu buttons layout changes. One layout has 5 buttons: Home, My Tasks, Inbox, Search, and Account. The other layout has 3 buttons: Home, My Tasks, and Account. I only have a screenshot of the 5 button layout.

Either way, please keep it consistent, because I use muscle memory to navigate.

I suggest a third layout option with 3 buttons: Projects, My Tasks, and Search.

Between the options I have already seen, I would vote for the 5 button layout, because I like Search to be easily accessible.

Anyone else have this issue?

Thank you developers!

Edit: the 3 button layout is: Home, Tasks, and Inbox.

Note that the screenshots of the layout change are 21 minutes apart.

Hello @Tommy_Baxter,

I think this might have to do with a couple of A/B tests Asana is running such as this one for My Tasks mobile version.

Does Asana give a single person A and B tests? Or does Asan give a portion of users A and a portion of users B? To me, it seems strange to have my layout switch back and forth multiple times per day.

Thank you for your response.

I have seen both types in the past. Meaning sometimes users were part of one part of the test. Other times Asana did switch after a while so you could actually see both versions and then submit your feedback. For this test I am not sure how it is done.

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Hi. I’m still having a problem with the iOS app changing layouts frequently. Can you please make it stop? Can you pull me out of the A/B testing? It is really giving me a bad experience. My preference is for 3 buttons on the bottom: Projects, My Tasks, and Search. If that can’t be done, any configuration is fine as long as it stays consistent. Thank you!