iOS Deeplink in task description does not open app

I use the note-taking app Craft to create documents.

In Craft, I am able to create an iOS “Deeplink” for each document that enables me to paste the Deeplink into other apps and click through to the document.

I have used these Deeplinks successfully to click through from Things 3 on my iPhone to the Craft document that opens in the Craft app.

When I paste a Craft Deeplink into a URL link in the description of an Asana task, and then test the link, the link tries unsuccessfully to open a web browser page instead of the Craft app.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Asana on my iPhone but it’s made no difference.

I’ll be grateful if anybody can suggest what I should do next.


Hey Peter,

I just posted about the same issue but on Mac. Looks like when you paste a link into Asana it is automatically prefixed with https:// and sometimes the app link is removed (ie notion:// or craft://).

Since the system then sees https instead of the app link it directs to a web browser instead of the app.

Incase it’s helpful, you might find your link has been converted to something like https://craft://myCraftDocumentLink. If so you may find it works if (albeit via a web browser) you alter it to look like https://myCraftDocumentLink. This works for notion links but will be app dependent.

Hoping they can adjust this soon so DeepLinks work as expected!

This is the ticket I added for reference if it is useful to anyone: