'Invite' Teams to tasks?


My organization is relatively new to Asana and I’m having a hard time finding a solution for the following Use Case:

We are a large organization that frequently holds events for which we need to engage contractors. Our contractors use Asana. Currently, the staffing of these events is organized via Chatgroups, i.e. asking around who’s available on day X to work and then assigning the task to them.

Is there a way to simplify this process? Ideally, I’d like to assign a task to a whole team and define how many people I need from that specific team, and then they get a notification to which they can respond with their availability. Once enough people are available, nobody can register for it anymore.

There probably isn’t a way to do it exactly like this, but maybe there’s another solution?



In Asana you can’t assign to teams, a task has a single assignee. However the “team” can have a project, like a bucket, into which you place tasks for which you need someone. You can make sure all the project members are bing notified, and you can also designate someone to coordinate and build the team OR rely on people picking up the work based on their availability…

Does that help?

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