Asana and MS-Teams - Create a task for all meeting members

HI - I would like to know if this idea can be done. When there is a teams meeting, is there a way to create a task from this meeting? This would help when every team member makes their own asana task for this meeting that they attended. The assigned would include all of the team members. This saves everyone some time. We report on our daily activities so this will ensure everyone is included.

Hey @Phil_Kestenbaum can I check I understand the request?
You want an integration for teams meetings to create an attendance list from the participants in asana?
or you want tasks to be created for the participants in asana?

Welcome, @Phil_Kestenbaum,

If I understand correctly, my answer here is what you’re looking for. You’d use the Assign Duplicate Tasks feature for your team (if you have an Asana team corresponding to the attendees, or create one, or just type all their names into the one multi-person entry box). You can do this as a subtask, if you already have a task representing the meeting itself, and then the multiple tasks will both be subtasks here and in everyone’s My Tasks:

Hope that helps,


HI @Becky_Manson Create a task in Asana, based on the meeting. Ideally one task with everyone assigned but it is ok if it creates one task for each meeting participant but would prefer the one task for all.

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