Introducing Project Overview, Project Brief, and Messages

One more thing to add: The person that got the notification for the message is not even in the team. What I think might be the connection: there was a project created within that team that then got moved into another team. Might be a bug. So the notification should not have gotten to that person at all.

In Overview, the text How We’ll Collaborate should be editable. #productfeedback

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See Marie’s post above.


Thank you for this!

I missed that one, thank you for sharing!

See also:



Hi @Frauke_Cast, thanks for reporting this! I was unable to reproduce this but can you please contact our support team so we can investigate this further: How to contact our Support Team ✉. When you contact them please share the URL of the message and project! Thank you!

Yes Please!

Is it possible to export the messages?
I know this wasn’t an option for Conversations before. I would love for our team to use this feature, but we need to be able to export our data.

Hi @Rory_Percival, you can select the “Print” option and save the message as PDF:

However, the option to export the project to CSV won’t include all the Messages in the project. You can upvote for this feature here: Include Messages in Project export

This is a HUGE issue for us as well - the repurposing of “Project Description” into “How we’ll collaborate”

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Hi @Whitney, the “How we’ll collaborate” title will become editable soon, so you’ll be able to rename it "Project description or anything else that you see fit better :slight_smile:

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I’ve just received my second email notification (now on two different projects and teams) that seems to indicate that it is a “Message”. I can click to “view in Asana” and it opens a view of what appears to be a single message. I can also reply to it like a normal Message/previously Conversation.

However, these messages do not actually appear in the Messages section of the project. As a matter of fact, I can’t find them or access them anywhere in Asana at all. The only way I can get back to them is to go back to my email notification (assuming I haven’t deleted it) and reclick “view in Asana”.

This feels like a bug. Surely these should be displaying in Messages, correct?

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Hi @Chasity_Scoggins, sounds like thee are private messages → these aren’t tied to a specific project or team but act like “private/instant” messages. You can find all of these under the “Messages I’ve Received” Report in your sidebar:

Capture d’écran 2021-01-22 à 16.06.33

To learn more about the new “Messages” feature, you can also have a look at this handy article → Messaging • Asana

I hope this helps, but don’t hesitate to create a new thread in #tipsandtricks if you need more help with this!

Hi Marie,

Thanks for responding. I read through the article you linked to and I do have additional questions.

How do “private messages” get generated? The messages I’m having issues with are with a client that is only in one single project in Asana. I need for their communication with me to be in their project and not floating in a random report somewhere. I’ve looked in this “messages I’ve received” section and I can’t even add these “private messages” to a project, so they are now completely disconnected from everything else we are working on with this client with apparently no way to get them in the right place.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Great news!

Looks like private messages are generated in the upper right hand corner of many screens, from the orange plus sign: image


As @Stephanie_Oberg mentions above, private messages can be created from the omnibutton at the top of your Asana.

If your Message needs to be connected to a specific project, simply head over this project and select "Message in the top header, this will create a project message (which used to be called project conversation). This way your messages will be all linked to your project!

Hi folks :wave:

Our product team just added a handy feature to project briefs: you can now select text in your briefs and quickly convert it into actionable tasks.

Here is how:

  1. Open your Project Brief
  2. Select a piece of text
  3. Click Convert to → Task on the toolbar
  4. This will automatically create a new task in your project! From there, simply click the task name to assign it or add more info.

Note that you can also trigger this feature using cmd + shift + Enter when your text is selected!

This feature is currently only available in project briefs, but our team is looking at extending it to other parts of Asana - stay tuned for more updates on this topic


@Marie But how do we get a message, that was originally generated as private, into a project? I now have two that were created mistakenly as private by clients who are not yet familiar with this new feature and they need to be in their projects. Plus, there are times when a message may start seemingly unrelated, but turns out needs to be active in a project.

Screen shot for reference. This would be exactly the same idea of moving a task from just My Tasks into a project.Adding Messages to Projects