Internal Purchase Request? Anyone got a good system?

Hey Asana Community!
My staff and I are trying to create a purchase request system as an asana project.
Has anyone successfully implemented this through asana? I checked the templates and the closest thing I could find was a work and facilities request. Curious!

Hey @Caroline_Ritenour
yeah we use this in our company also.
We have created various forms for a few accounting projects we have in Asana.
The form would then capture all required infos.
This really depends on your company and needs.
Then once a form is submitted the result is assigned to the responsible person. Or for one project we also assign the form submission based on a selection of a specific custom field.

The Asana project is also organized depending on our needs with columns and further rules.
And we have set up various graphs in the dashboard.

All in all I recommend to just play around with the features Asana offers and then tailor everything to your needs.

Hope that helps

Thank you!
Have you found any ‘side hacks’ to embedding your forms into iframes or websites? We are trying to build a staff portal but the inability to embed asana forms is really annoying.

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Hey @Caroline_Ritenour,

yeah unfortunately that is not possible yet.

Here is an existing feedback request to upvote:

Hi @Caroline_Ritenour !

We had the same issue with one of the clients, they were using forms to capture facility management requests.

At the end they went to implement JotForm (and with Asana Workflows this is very easy now) that allowed them to be more flexible.

Another thing that we will implement for them is automated classification of the requests (we are an A.I. app for Asana that works based on examples). This way they will decrease the number of fields and provide better user experience.

Happy to chat if you are interested!