Integrate with Constant Contact

Are there plans to offer integration with Constant Contact? It would be nice to add tasks to projects that require emailing our members or liaison contacts. That way, we could assign team members to draft emails, amke changes, and approve on the team without having to back and forth, send test emails, and discuss needed changes.

Right now, when I need to draft an email to our members, my boss emails me a list of what she’d like included. I draft the email in Constant Contact, then email her back and let her know the draft is complete. Sometimes I print it out and put it on her desk for mark-ups. Then she brings it back, I make the changes, and email her again to let her know the changes have been made. Once it’s approved, I send the complete email through Constant Contact. Integrating with Asana would let us avoid using Outlook to discuss changes. She could add comments or describe what she’d like included, comment on changes she’d like to see, and set a due date for me to send the email to our members.