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I would like to know if someone has had the requirement to have an information board/panel in Asana. Indeed, for us, it means a board/panel with announcements of actions that are going to be carried out in the short term related to system maintenance, so that all employees of our organisation could see at a quick glance these announcements and they can consult them quickly whenever they want.

We have tried to make a project and see how the visualisations are through boards or calendars, but we do not like nearly so much the way they are reflected. Someone has had a similar requirement and has approached it from another point of view?

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Hey @Bernat_Sánchez,

we handle it via project messages.
So for example we have a marketing project and whenever we have an update/announcement for this team we send a message in this project.
The same applies to other projects.
When drafting a message you can automatically select various projects where the message should be posted.

We have also created a project for the whole team where we share messages that are relevant for everybody.

For general reminders and tips and tricks that are always relevant or especially also for new people joining in the future we have a few projects for different teams/whole team such as these:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot @Andrea_Mayer , I will test your proposal.

On the other hand I just got the Asana Together November newsletter and I’m reading that the Admin Announcements are here. I’m looking forward to trying it out and seeing if with this new functionality can also address my need for my Information Panel.