Inconsistent field sorting


In the List view of a project, you can add custom fields and sort the List just by clicking the custom field name in the Header row of the list (1 click). But if you want to sort the list by a standard field (Alphabetical, Due Date, etc., Assignee excepted), there isn’t a field name in the Header row and you have to click into the Change View > Sort menu (3 clicks). You apparently can’t sort standard field columns in reverse order.

It would be great if you could eliminate this inconsistency and allow users to sort the list by clicking a header on standard fields as well as on custom fields.



Hi @Craig_Branham Yes there are a number of gaps in how sorting works in Asana Projects and Boards which is source of frustration. If you search in the forum for “sorting” you will find lots of commentary.

In short there is no easy fix…



Thanks for your feedback @Craig_Branham this is definitely on our radar, I’ll make sure to keep you posted when our team starts tackling this issue!