Inconsistency in Task Creation event firing

I came across this inconsistency by working on a webhook, but it is noticeable also by just working on the app’s GUI. It is about a core functionality, which is Task Creation.

The inconsistency is between List View and Board View.

  • List View: as soon as you start editing a task name the task is created (perhaps with a short delay)
  • Board View: task is only created when the user finishes entering the task name

Since my webhook needs to manage the task name, this inconsistency adds extra complexity.
My suggestion is that the behavior should be consistent between different views.
Or is there a good reason for this difference?

Just wondering if anybody else noticed this and if there is a good explanation for it. :slight_smile:

Didn’t you find that to be technically accurate, this is actually “when the UI cursor focus leaves the task-name field”?

Yes, that’s technically accurate.

  • List View: the task is saved before the UI cursor leaves the task-name field
  • Board View: the task is created only after the UI cursor leaves the task-name field
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