Task created in calendar view not visibloe in board view

Hi, I’m on Asana free

I use to create tasks in board view and they automatically appear in calendar view if I assign them a due date.

A few days ago I created tasks in calendar view but they do not appear in board view: what should I do for them to also appear in board view?

Many thanks

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Fulvio_Giacomello!

Any task created in any view also shows up in the others. I just tested it and it works fine for me.
Usually when you create a task via calendar view it will automatically be added in the first column in the board (unless you move it to a specific section).

Now if you say you cannot see the task in board view please check whether you have any filter on maybe?


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Thanks Andrea, those tasks were in the first column of the board.
I have lots of colums so first one was out of screen.
Problem solved an lesson learned :+1:

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