Incomplete Wufoo Forms

We’ve been using the link between Wufoo and Asana for a while now but noticed that sometimes we’ll get blank forms submitted into Asana. When I go into the Wufoo entry, I can tell that it wasn’t actually blank. Based on my testing, what’s happening is that if someone starts a form and then doesn’t complete it, the form still comes through as a task… which is problematic for several reasons. People aren’t aware that we’re seeing a form that they didn’t actually complete.

Has anyone seen this before and is there a way to only get completed forms from Wufoo?

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We’ve been having a similar problem except we don’t receive incomplete forms when someone doesn’t hit “complete.” Our issue is that SOMETIMES our tasks come from a completed form and the information the person filled out isn’t complete within Asana. We can see the full entry in an email, but the task in Asana has only the bare minimum filled out. Since this happens SOMETIMES, I can’t figure out what’s happening.
I’m asking for help with this as well since if I don’t monitor the email receipts as well, some folks might not get the full scope of the tasks.
Info on our form… It starts with one page, then depending on what you click as an answer to a final question, you are taken through a different form. The API doesn’t make reference to one side of this decision, but I do get tasks that come in completely filled out. Again, it happens on some entries for either decision, but not all the time. I’m not sure if this is something on the user side, WuFoo or the integration.
I’d love to know either way.

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Just following up here. I tested a theory that the form is timing out when someone takes too long to fill it out. If they go through it and complete in “one sitting” or as you’d do with any survey, we get a complete form and can check it against the email of the same job we receive. If they don’t, it comes in half-filled to the point they possibly took the break and isn’t resubmitted once they click submit in WuFoo.
A co-worker has been in touch with Asana and WuFoo. Maybe it’ll get fixed.

I’ve resorted to having a backup email kicking out from Wufoo in case we get a blank form submitted. Let me know if you hear anything about a fix!

The issue we have been experiencing is that if a user abandons a form without fully submitting it, it creates an Asana ticket anyway. We do NOT WANT this behavior. If the user does not complete the form submission process, we want NO ticket in Asana created.

With whom do I need to speak to make this happen, please? Thank you.

I saw that Asana just rolled out their own form submissions, I’m going to guess they’ll want us to use that now.

Not available at all levels of use, a fix for Wufoo still is needed, thanks.