In template tasks, simplify how to specify date ranges

The relative date feature in template tasks awesome! But it took a little fiddling to figure it out. My team’s subtasks are all either:

  • milestones (single due date, no duration — or in Asana terms, not a date “range”)
  • phases (part of our workflow, with a duration/range needed for completion)

Specifying a single date for a milestone is easy.

Specifying a range in template tasks is currently… a bit weird. I don’t find it intuitive to input start/end values like:

  • start this subtask 14 days after the task start date
  • end this subtask 28 days after the task start date

I would much prefer to specify durations for each task, like “2 days” or “2 weeks”. Asana is smart enough to calculate the implications for start and end dates. Why make the user do the math?

Bonus: If template task subtasks supported specifying dependencies, then Asana could know “oh OK step A has to be complete before step B”. It would then be even simpler for Asana to calculate dates. If we know that the newly created parent task starts at day zero (today!) then we had dependencies, and each subtask had a duration — Asana could just calculate all the dates for me. :slight_smile: