In template tasks, support specifying dependencies across subtasks

In template tasks, please provide the option to specify dependencies across subtasks. Then, when a new task is generated from the template, maintain those dependencies. Currently, template tasks contain a list of subtasks, which can have (relative) dates assigned, but otherwise they are not related to each other.

My team uses Instagantt for a Gantt style chart view and the dependencies are essential for us. The current workaround is that, after generating a new task (w/subtasks) from a template task, we have to manually click in to specify dependencies. (We do this in Instagantt because the UI is much better suited to this step.)

Bonus points if the dependent subtasks could have their dates “blocked” by preceding tasks. For example, if Subtask B is dependent on Subtask A being complete, but A isn’t scheduled to be done until May 1, then I won’t be able to schedule B to start any earlier than May 1. :slight_smile:

Extra ultra 1000x bonus points for implementing a Gantt-chart in Timeline view, but that’s another feature request. :laughing:

Strongly agree with the topic starter! We need dependencies in templates too, I think it is essential. Vote for this.

Just FYI, subtasks created by the “Create subtasks from a template” rule action in our Flowsana integration do support and maintain dependencies (both among the subtasks and also between the subtasks and the parent task they get created under).

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