In Portfolios, allow Owner and Milestones columns to be toggled off, just like Status can be

The built-in Status column can be toggled on or off, but the same is not true for the built-in Owner and Milestone columns. Why?

My client had a use case to turn off Owner because they have two types of owners to show in columns. Since the heading for “Owner” can’t be configured, and these are not the same as Project Owner, they don’t want to show that built-in column, just their own custom ones. I can imagine many other use cases, including just to reduce clutter if one doesn’t need to see Owner.

Here’s a request for Milestone to be hidden: 💻 Hide milestones from Portfolio Timeline view.

It’s not helpful to over-simplify and preclude customization when you already have a Customize menu and use it for one built-in field but then, seemingly arbitrarily, don’t include the other two built-in fields. Lots of little anomalies like this in Asana add up to make it unnecessarily frustrating to use, at times.




Hi @lpb, thanks for providing this feedback. I hear you and can understand how this would be helpful!

I’ll keep you in the loop with any updates. Hopefully this is something we can see soon from our Product team :slight_smile:

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