In-house creative agency: best way to see timelines across all projects

Hello. We have an in-house creative agency. We use forms to automate requests and when a new request is received, I convert it to a project using templates I have created. We like having individual project boards for each request, as it allows us to house all the information about a project in the overview tab, making it a tremendous reference resource for the team and something I don’t want to change.

To help me assess copywriter and designer bandwidth, I like to use timeline view so I can see all the projects and related tasks/project phases by client. I have created a standalone project called Project Timelines with a section devoted to each client and the related tasks/stages of production for each project (ex: creative development, internal review, live creative review with client, final deliverables due).

I cannot link the individual project board to the project timeline board because it creates duplicate tasks for the designers/copywriters.

My workaround for this is to create the parent task in the primary project board (this is assigned to a designer/copywriter, but with no deadline for the parent task since the subtasks contain the phases of the project with due dates). In the primary project board, I use a subtask for the first phase of the project (internal review) so that the assignee can see the parent task that houses all the information needed for those deliverables.

In my Project Timeline board (default view: timeline), I add the other phases of the project by client as a task, using a project prefix so it’s clear which project the task is for (ex: Q1 sale: live creative review, Q1 sale: revisions, Q1 sale: final delivery). This allows me to quickly assess team member bandwidth when assigning new projects as well as volume of projects by client.

This works well for the team, but it’s very manual + in list view for this board (not the default view, but preferred for adding new tasks for projects by client), this list is becoming very long. I feel like I will need to limit this board to quarterly timelines to keep it from becoming an infinitely scrolling list, though it’s fine in timeline view + working exactly as intended. I wish I could simply use my individual project board to house all the project subtasks, but the “Team” view does not include timeline view, only calendar. Calendar is very useful for determining what is due each day/week for the team, but it’s less effective than timeline at quickly assessing team bandwidth and project volume by client. I have tried adding my “Project Timeline” board to the related subtasks within the primary project board, but this creates duplicate tasks for the assignees.

Any suggestions here for a better way to do this or at least a more automated way to do this? Thanks!

Hi @Tiffany_Lindsley what level of Asana licence do you have? As business and Enterprise have something called portfolios which I feel would help you.

Thank you @Danielle-GenD . I will dig into Portfolios to see if that can help.

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@Tiffany_Lindsley it should do as you can see all tasks under people in the workload tab and it will show the start and end dates of projects on a gantt style timeline.


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Thank you @Danielle-GenD !

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