Improve Workspace Calendar Settings

I jumped for joy when I discovered the main workspace calendar (click workspace name in left menu, then Calendar at top of right page). All our project tasks are listed there by due day, and can be marked complete or rescheduled easily; I use this feature every single morning to schedule our days work periods and restructure the due date schedule to minimize overloaded or under-loaded days.

Unfortunately with use I discovered this calendar is lacking 2 key features that would make it much better for our purposes.

  1. There is no “default layout” option to save our view settings. If I turn weekends on (we work 7 days a week), they’re off again when I return to the workspace calendar. And every time I open the workspace page, I have to select Calendar again, even though it’s the only layout I use on that page.

  2. There is no task sort order. Every day is a random mashup of tasks, seemingly sorted by when they were last rescheduled (looks like most recently rescheduled tasks are listed at the end of the day). It would help if there was an option to sort tasks by project, especially on busy days, since we work on one projects tasks at a time.

In summary, we would really appreciate a “default layout” option for the workspace page, to save work weekends status in the calendar layout and to save the layout page choice; and we’d appreciate a sort-by drop down, to organize the tasks in the workspace calendar (again, with some save function so it’s the same way next time).

I’m sure there are other options we’d appreciate; the workspace calendar is missing a number of features that project calendars already have. But these are the big two!

Thanks so much!

Hi @Arrow, thanks for reaching out and taking the time to share your feedback with us!

Workspaces are similar to Teams in a Organization and for this reason you can access the Calendar view :slight_smile: We already have two open requests for this features in the forum so I suggest you to add your vote to these threads:

Thanks again for sharing your feedback and use case!

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