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The idea here is to create a workflow where things that we are receiving from vendors are being double checked before going out to clients and the way I would like this to work is that under the main task for the job, there should be a “Received” sub-task where the production team will update to notify me that the items have been received and is ready for “Quality Control”. We’ve been trying to get Asana to either create a new task that gets assigned to me once production completes “Received” but we have ran into some problems making that happen. We found out that under “dependencies” it worked out in a way that a “QC” task was locked and cannot be complete until the “Received” task is complete, but this failed to notify me when it is ready for “QC” whereas if a new task was created, it would appear in my “recently assigned” tab to notify me.

In the end, I just want something that works and notifies me and is simple enough procedure for production to follow.

Please let me know if there is a feature already for that or something that can be created. Thanks!

Hello @Cezar_Ayran,

are you aware of the Proofing feature that Asana offers: Proofing • Asana Product Guide

And you can also work with rules (that trigger based on a custom field drop-down selection or task moved to a new section, etc)

This might be helpful as well: Approval Workflow - #2 by Andrea_Mayer and Use Asana’s new Approvals feature to track task progress

Does that help?

Hi, we’ll take a look at it. Tks.

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