Improve Undo function so you can undo actions anywhere any time

It would be really useful to have an “Undo” button that would simply undo any action taken (accidentally deleting a task, changing a field, removing a collaborator, archiving a project, checking off at task as complete, etc.). The current “Pop-up Undo’s” are ok, but sometimes I don’t realize I’ve made a mistake until after the pop-up disappears. It would be best if the proposed undo button could be clicked repeatedly to continuing undoing tasks further back in time, just like most implementations of an undo button.

Hi @Jeff_Rizza and thanks for sharing your feedback with us! I’ve gone ahead and slightly modified your title so it better reflects your feedback and is more discoverable to other users; hope you don’t mind!

While I’m not sure when this will be prioritised I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update on my end!

Sounds good. Thanks!

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Bumping this post. It’s a bit bizarre that this functionality is not available in a premium product. No history of actions, and the limited window of opportunity to undo, is counter-intuitive to how most software works. This lack of a feature is the one thing that stops me short of recommending Asana to everyone.