Implementing a RACI Matrix in Asana

Hi All,

Has anyone found a good way to implement a RACI Matrix in Asana. Is there a way to do it with custom fields? Or maybe this should be with Tagging?

Any ideas would be awesome :slight_smile:


I am sure Asana2Go can help you with that, cc @lpb the founder.

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Hi @Christine_Matheney, and thanks @Bastien_Siebman,

In Asana, each task corresponds to a row in the matrix, and I agree that custom fields would be a good way to represent the RACI part, specifically adding one custom field for each role/person who you’d want to appear as a column. All custom fields could be dropdowns with options R, A, C, I (or a subset if some roles never have certain of those values). A project may show up to 20 role “columns” at once.

In Asana2Go, a simple custom report could generate the RACI Matrix table styled in any manner with as many columns as needed (no limitation), and those columns could even be dynamically generated such that one custom report could be used for any project that might have different, and different numbers of, roles.

See for more articles and videos on Asana2Go (including Eisenhower Matrix and SWOT Analysis reports).

Asana2Go offers many built-in print formats and unlimited customizability, which would allow you to add a RACI Matrix. This requires some HTML/CSS knowledge. I offer custom reports if you need assistance; contact me by Private Message here or via the links above.


This would be great to have… RACI Matrix template from Asana.


I’ve been thinking about this for a while too. Asana’s Your guide to RACI charts, with examples by @Julia_Martins led me down the below path.

Each line in the matrix is a task in a project with:

Responsible - task assignee. This ensures there’s only ever one responsible person per task.

Accountable - project manager for the project the task. This also ensures only one person is accountable per task. If there’s multiple people accountable across a single project then setup an additional project per person and add those task to each person’s project.

Consulted - an ‘approval’ sub-task assigned to whoever needs to give their approval. If there are multiple approvals then create multiple sub-tasks and assign one to each person.

Informed - added as followers.