Implementing 4DX in Asana

Hi, all.

Did anyone try to implement 4DX (4 disciplines of execution) using Asana?

If yes, how did you do it?

4DX (goal setting tool similar to OKR)



Hi @Andrea_Picchi.

I haven’t personally experienced a 4DX implementation in Asana, but I bet you’re not the only one interested in this! @Kaitie might have some insights.

On a similar note, you may be interested in these threads about GTD and Asana:

Thanks, Alexis.

Since we have seen a lot of enhancements in Asana over the last several years, I want to bring this question that @Andrea_Picchi asked back to the surface. Is anyone else incorporating the 4DX methodology into Asana with success? This is something my team has been committed to for several years now and I find that more and more of our leading measures can be tracked within Asana. Given a lot of the recent API developments and integrations to platforms like Tableau or Power BI, I’m hoping to learn how others are tracking their efforts and building a compelling scoreboard. My hope is that through the use of Custom Fields, metric reporting, which isn’t inherent to Asana, can be achieved through these newly developed avenues. Whether you are using 4DX or other forms of OKR tracking, I’d love to learn how you are taking Asana data and using it to tell a story!

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