Looking for GTD tutorial

Hi folks, I’ve been working with my team to improve use of Asana, and just had someone ask if there was a way of implementing David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” approach in Asana. Of course this is what Asana is good at, but I remember seeing a video a few years back outlining exact steps to follow to implement GTD along with other task management approaches like Eat the Frog.

Unfortunately I can’t find this anymore - does anyone remember this video or know where I could find it?

There is an official Asana guide from GTD themselves (document, not video), just need to find it… Did you search on the forum?

Hi @TrevorWiser, I think this is the article you are looking for: How to prioritize your most important work :slight_smile:

Yes, I searched the forum and support site, but I think the video I’m thinking of has been taken down. No worries; just thought I’d ask.

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This helps! Thanks.

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Hey @TrevorWiser,
I don’t remember seeing a video outlining exact steps to follow to implement GTD, but I’ve watched this video on Asana and GTD.
Based on the looks of Asana video might be a bit older but I got some good tips about the use of GTD in Asana.

Hope it helps you too!