How to deal with context?

Is anyone else here a GTDer (Getting Things Done), and if so, how does your team set up contexts in Asana?

Great question @enyonam
Ruben from Springest is a GTD expert and Asana guru, and he’s shared his approach in a webinar you can watch here and a great post on Medium here.

In general, I believe he sets up projects for each context list and adds those to his favorites to review and prioritize after capturing.

Have you found any other conventions to help with this?



We are the official GTD franchise partner in Hungary. This is the method we teach GTD with Asana.

The only difference is with organization, that everyone should have their OWN TAGS with monograms. Like PHONE (XY), WAITING FOR (XY). Beacuse than You can use it for collaboration very well. I am assigning a task, I put my WATINNG FOR (XY) label, and my assistant order a book and she puts her WAITING FOR (YZ) label.

@Kaitie Great post! I stumbled across that article some time back and have been digging into Ruben’s method (along with their usage of Holacracy in Asana) ever since!

I notice most people (in the community / blog posts / webinar with Springest) seem to create projects for GTD lists - could be context or even waiting for, next action, someday maybe etc. Then you can simply add tasks to multiple projects.

But it seemed more intuitive to me to utilize Custom Fields with Saved Search / Reports. So I could mark something as a Next Action with a CF, then generate a Saved Report that filters for that field.

So you’re looking at 1-2 clicks on the task end and you end up with the same list found on the sidebar. To me - it seems the same. Can any one see any pros / cons for either method?

I noticed that the Reports were revamped and rolled out with A/B tests a few months back, so I am wondering if thats the only reason I’m seeing everyone using projects? Maybe they reports didn’t suffice back then?

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