Best Asana in a PR team



Hy Guys,

I’ve been using Asana for quit al while now, but i can’t seem to find the holy grail for our team. Our team is 3 people big and we servicing 6 clients with multiple projects. We use GTD and work Holacracy based.

What i need:

Team overview with all projects that are: Current / Waiting / Done / Future
Perfect project overview per client (Definition of done)

First we used one team with all our clients in it.
We made a project per client, with placeholder projects.
In the projects we connected the work project with the place holder project.

Right now we switched to a team per client, but that gives a lot of clutter.

Anyways, i don’t know what the best way is atm.

Please help me out!


Here are few of my observations:

  1. I would continue with Team versus project as it delivers more flexibility and will be part of my later point.
  2. I would use a Custom Field for your Current/Waiting/Done/Future monitoring and then create Favorite Advanced Searches as many as you need. Custom fields are at the project level as I recall but once set up are easily used and can be displayed across the top or in the task.
  3. Within the Team or Client I would create a Project Board with the columns representing your workflow until completion. This is a great visual for your client and your employees
  4. Use Sections, subtasks generously.

Just my thoughts.


I agree with @JCarl. Keep the account organised into teams as you may have more projects per client in the future. It’s also more suitable for controlling privacy restrictions so clients can’t see other projects.
You could either, 1) create a board with columns for Current, Waiting, Done, Future to summarise all your projects. 2) Use a custom field as @JCarl mentioned.


Thanks guys, i did setup a projectboard per client.
I’m now using the tab-p [ad this task to another project] to place it on the projectboard of the client.

If there are more tips, feel free to help. Thank!