IFTTT/Zapier integration not working - If New task assigned to me, then create task

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

I have my workspace and a clients workspace - I wanted to used IFTTT to create a new task in my workspace if one is made in my client’s. That way I have all my tasks in one place and can plan my work more efficiently. I set up the Applet but it wont work - it says it’s connected but nothing happens when I test. I had a similar problem when using Zapier before IFTTT - the tasks were created, but title and description were blank.

Steps to reproduce:
Test one workspace to another, screenshot attached of the settings.

Browser version:
Latest Chrome

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Hi @Lizzi_Hawkins :wave:t3:

Other folks have recently reported similar issues, I’d recommend you to check out this other thread, which you mind find useful: Could not connect service. I can´t connect IFTTT with asana