I would like to able to get a list of all of my tasks in Slack

In the Slack integration, it would be nice to able to type /asana list and get a list of all of the tasks with action boxes.

Welcome to the Forum @Peter_Kupfer: wave: and thank you for sharing your feedback with us! Sounds like a great idea for future improvements! :slight_smile:

May I suggest something completely different? Drop the Slack integration entirely. Keep Asana and Slack open at all times. You’ll have Asana notifications in Asana, you can discuss tasks inside Asana; and have more high level discussions in Slack. Connecting the two would result I believe in a lot of noise, and people feeling overwhelmed.

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The request here is to re-implement the list method for the asana slack app. (which apparently used to exist, way back when). Yes, this is not the only way to work, but for those who do use the slack integration, simply recommending they not use the slack app at all is… unhelpful. I’d posit that there is a reasonable use-case for slack integration for a lot of people.

Why was /list removed? I’ll explain my usecase as to why Asana/Slack integration is quite useless for me at this moment:

  1. We have a template for our projects in Asana
  2. One task which is always part of a milestone, is the quality assurance
  3. This QA task will be executed by the designer on the project - this obviously differs from project to project
  4. Right now, if the time is ripe for that designer to perform the QA; the team has to perform a manual action in Asana or Slack to notify that designer to start the QA proces since the only way to get a specific task listed in Slack is to copy paste the task in Slack or edit it.
  5. A good solution would be to list that existing QA task in Slack and perform an action, for example: due date & assignee.

Right now, only if that QA task is edited or added in Asana, it will appear in Slack. Which is useless since then you’d have to perform that manual action by going in to Asana and create or edit that task (which already exists in our template).

Is that something on the roadmap?