Can someone clarify the capabilities of the Slack app on

According to the page Slack + Asana • Asana :

With the Slack + Asana integration, you can:

  • Create a new task, assign it to yourself or a teammate, and add it to an existing project
  • See Asana data like tasks, milestones, projects, portfolios, and more
  • Comment on a task
  • Mark a task complete
  • List all tasks in your workspace or organization
  • Receive updates on task creation, completion, or comments

However, I don’t think this is accurate as far as I can tell. Some of these options were available in the old version of the Slack app, but were taken out in the new version, such as being able to comment on a task.

Adding to the confusion is that it does seem like the page has been updated as it references Asana Intelligence which is pretty new. So this made me assume that maybe these features were re-introduced in the Slack app? But as far as I can tell, it seems like the page has been updated to include new features but hasn’t been updated to remove references to features that have been removed from the app.