I want to cancel my trial

I’d like to cancel my trial before being charged. Please help me do this.

I find it very suspicious and questionable that you make it so difficult to find an easy way to cancel your trial. It’s also impossible to find any direct contact information on your site after signing up for a trial (although you all seem very available to chat before signing up). Shady business.

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Hi @Jordan_Price and apologies for the trouble here!

You should be able to cancel your trial following these steps, but if you’re running into any trouble, please reach out to our support team (How do I contact support), they will be more than happy to assist you canceling your trial!

Let me know if there is anything I can help you with :slight_smile:

Hey Jordan! thanks for sharing this information before other people get scammed. I am with the free version and the support has been very disappointing…