I need to create job sheets for our onsite engineers, but i'm not too sure how to do it or what third party to use?

I have a construction business and i often have engineers attending jobs for a single day, or week etc.

We are currently using asana but i would love to be able to create a ‘job sheet’

Like a single PDF or a form (that could be exported as a pdf? So when i send engineers to a project they had a single page doc.

One of the reasons is we utilise sub contractors and external labour which obviously don’t have access to our Asana.

Are there are (ideally free) form apps which integrate? So we could share a form with an engineer and when they populate it, it updates asana?

OR are there any alternative options?

Hi @Max_Middleton , in case your were not aware, you can actually create forms with an Asana project, then share the link to people in or outside of Asana.

So your site engineers could fill out the form on any device, tablet or smartphone and each of their submissions would populate as a task within the project! You could then print each individual task as a PDF if that works for you.

Have you tried that?

(moving this topic to Tips and Tricks since it doesn’t sound like you are experiencing a bug)

Sorry i didnt even realise i was in the bug thread!!

I have not tried that but i will look at it now :slight_smile:

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