I need advice on setting up projects for my small business


I am new to Asana and have been reading tons of use cases and watching tons of videos but am a little confused and need some advice on how to best set up projects for my small business.

Currently, it is just my partner and I running our small business, and it is just me using Asana. I have structured our business the following way:

3 main departments (Admin, Operations, Sales & Marketing) are divided into sub-departments (Admin= Communications, Finance, Management, Purchasing. Operations= Manufacturing, Services, R&D. Sales & Marketing= Branding, Content, PR, Marketing, and Sales.)

I have set up projects for each of the sub-departments (Communications, Finance, etc). Some of those sub-departments have additional projects (The Management project also has a Business Planning project for example). My question is, am I overcomplicating things? Would it be better to just have 3 projects for the 3 main departments and then use custom fields to differentiate the sub-departments?

I feel as though I am thinking too much on this and need some advice to simplify my process. Any advice or comments are much appreciated!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @jla1234

In short my view is yes you are overcomplicating it. I would start small and build up as you get used to Asana and how you and your partner work and collaborate together.

The more projects and teams you have the more rework you may have to do when you adjust to how you work together.

Here are some good post to give you more clarity.

Hope this helps and enjoy your journey.