💡 I feel overwhelmed, what can I do?

I feel overwhelmed what can I do? Yes, Asana allows you to get rid of most emails to bring clarity. But many bad practices or lack of clean-up can generate an overwhelming feeling. Here’s how to address the situation.

:one: Remove notifications from tasks due today, in the profile settings > hacks

:two: Clean up your My Tasks view

:three: Unfollow projects and tasks massively, using the profile settings > notifications > Manage project notifications + skimming through the Inbox

:four: Setup task auto-promotion using Rules in My Tasks and push to Later anything due in the future

:five: Use my Tip of iceberg trick if applicable: only assign yourself on the next task for a big project, not on all tasks

:six: Use Parking projects to store unimportant or unurgent tasks, and if possible unassign from yourself

:seven: Use a fire emoji :fire: on urgent tasks to make them stand out

:eight: Challenge custom colors impacting your clarity within projects

:nine: Delete stuff you’ll never do. If it’s important, it will come back.

:one::zero: Delegate as much as you can to the appropriate person

Anything I missed?


The :fire: emoji for urgent tasks is right down my alley. These are great for organization. Thanks @Bastien_Siebman !