I don't have full admin privileges

Following the resignation of the PMO who previously administered Asana, I have been assigned as the new admin for all projects. However, I am encountering issues in editing certain fields, particularly on projects created by the former PMO.
The system indicates that only him has permission to edit these fields, even though I have removed his username. Additionally, his username still appears as an ambassador in all projects.
I am kindly requesting your support
Thank you

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@moderators Please help Marwa.

Hi @Marwa_Mansour , regarding the custom fields, you will be able to ‘override and edit’ these only if you are an Asana Admin (of your organization, not a project or team). If you don’t see this option when you edit a field, it may mean you are not an Admin.

Can you check within your organization who is the Asana Admin? This usually is the billing owner, IT manager or other key members. If you click on your profile photo, top right, you should see an option for ‘Admin Console’ which means you ARE an Asana Admin.

It also doesn’t sound like you have removed the previous Asana Admin entirely. You will need to access the Admin console to deprovision them (remove them entirely feom your org) or you can remove them if you are in the same team, select Remove, then Remove access and then Deprovision to confirm.

I’m assuming you mean he still appears as the Project Admin, not Ambassador. In this case you will need to contact Asana support to provide you with the required access and permissions.

Best to create a support ticket, by following the instructions here:
How to contact our Support Team :email:

I hope this helps!

Thank you very much Richard for your time and informative feedback. I will take your advice and reach out to Asana Support. Despite having access to the Admin Console, I am still facing these challenges.

Thanks again for your great support

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