Hyperlink back to Section



Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/lhxjz6

I’d like to be able to hyperlink back to the Section I am referencing while editing it’s task. Sometimes I need to change info within the Section’s description while updating the task description/info.

Thank you!


Hi @Ash_Klein, while it’s not possible to easily generate a hyperlink, per se, if you start typing “@” and the name of the Section, you can include a link to that Section in a task description or comment.

Hope that helps!


I did not know this was possible - thank you!!


Hi @Laura_Johnson, you can do this with Task Names, Project Names, or People as well!


Those I knew - I don’t think I ever tried to “at” a section before. This will actually be amazingly helpful with the way we utilize sections.


Me either! Great idea!