How would you recommend setting up for your personal life on Asana?

I am kind of lost. I’ve been trying to figure out how to set up Asana… Been kinda messy.

I have 2 main teams:

  • Professional
    • Goals (monthly)
    • Admin
    • Product # 1
    • Social media
  • Personal
    • Goals (monthly)
    • Morning Ritual
    • Daily tasks

I’m not sure how to go about setting it up properly for projects. Still trying to understand what works best. Really trying to set up goals then break things down from there.

What would you recommend?

Hi @Ethan_Schneider

It probably really depends on your work style and what your preferred method of planning is. Also if you are using Asana as part of a broader team/organisation or just to control yourself…

If you search in the forum for GTD (Getting Things Done) or Scrum, Agile, Kannan you will see slot of very helpful tips and tricks.

I would suggest doing a quick review of these posts and then try a simple implementation of one of them on one of your key area of focus. And seeing if it works.

And asks questions about where you got stuck on the forum and I am sure people will respond.

Hope this helps.


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I used Asana for years, and changed a couple of times. Still not sure my current organization is the best one.

Couple of inspiration:


@Ethan_Schneider, In addition to Teams and Projects, it’s important to have a good strategy for My Tasks, and these all influence the overall information architecture to use. I’d say this is key for you since your Teams/Projects show an individual use of Asana bent.

This thread (here’s one post in it) may stimulate some ideas:



From what I am understand there are 7 different systems?

  1. GTD Method
  2. Scrum Method
  3. Agile Method
  4. Kanban Method
  5. Bucket Method
  6. Eisenhower Method
  7. Pomodoro Method

Lol soooo much information to process. I’m just going to research on each of these one at a time. I watched the video in the Asana academy. Still trying to figure out which one will work best

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@Ethan_Schneider I agree with @Bastien_Siebman, @lpb and @Jason_Woods. There are so many options. I have been using the GTD method and lately combining it with kanban/scrum (Two frameworks inside of Agile) I actually are working on a hybrid of the different approaches. Main influence are the predictability of what you are working on. After reading up on the above, I would also suggest contacting an Asana Certified Pro that specialises in productivity to help you clarify some questions or to soundboard ideas.


And here’s yet another option:

Although I’m familiar with most productivity systems/literature, a couple of the ideas here seem unique. Many lend themselves to easy implementation in Asana via a choice of features. I really respect Sarah Drasner’s work as a developer, so I guess it’s not surprising she has good solutions to offer here too!



Thank you everyone for all the great advice! This is such a great community with great minds!

I’m eager to learn all of this. Taking it one step at a time to learn and grow.

I will get better at building a working system. Thanks again!


Interesting suggestions here. I don’t follow any set “method” but I absolutely keep work and personal in two different workspaces.

Caveat that I might put too much into Asana, but I keep multiple projects (birthdays, deliveries, life events, repeat, bucket list, things). Birthdays repeat yearly and things I use as general stuff/to-dos.

If a to-do has multiple steps, I create sub-tasks within that (e.g., house stuff, repairs, to buy, etc.)

Repeat has utility bills and credit card due dates. I even put a haircut in there for every ~3 weeks lol Also a reminder to get flowers for the lady on a regular basis.

I’ll even put tasks in that don’t have a due date. I will include info and things that I need to reference a lot in there instead of keeping one notepad or sending myself an email each time because that seems less secure.

I’m going to check out some of the other methods and links here, though.



Hi Ethan,
I have been using Asana for a couple of years for life and work and rearranged my projects multiple times. I’ll share what I did and it might help you?
I have gotten to the point where I do have multiple projects as private. Each project has a different scope. My main ones are Personal Development, Life, Holidays and Payments. I do associate all my tasks to these 4 and then work on them in calendar view. Because of that each one has a different colour and looking at each day and colours on my calendar help me know what’s coming. I often use due times and as well add how long I want to dedicate to that task in the title to I can plan my day accordingly when it comes due. For me is really important to always add due times and dates(recurring tasks are amazing and I use them to remind to catch up with people at regular intervals) so you don’t “loose” your tasks in the general Asana board view.
Hope this helps and good luck, would love to hear how did you go!

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